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17 Cost-Effective Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

On the hunt for a special Valentine’s Day ideas for him? Want to impress but don’t have the funds to go all out?  Showing your love and affection to the special man in your life does not have to cost the earth. You can still give your man a Valentine’s Day to remember without blowing your budget. To show you how, we’ve come up with a list of 17 cost-effective Valentine’s Day ideas for him that will show him how much you love him but won’t break your budget.

17 Cost-Effective Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

1. Be a tourist in your hometown

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

When was the last time you were a tourist in your hometown? Wherever you are, there is bound to be a tourist spot or experience nearby that you haven’t had the chance to visit in a while… or ever!

Now is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and your main man to an experience nearby. This could be breakfast at a popular restaurant, or a trip through the local museum. Being a tourist in your hometown is a unique Valentine’s Day idea for him. Make it a day that you both can remember.

2. Spend time under the stars

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Star gazing is, in our opinion, highly underrated, and spending time with your man, just the two of you, out under the stars is one of the most romantic things you can do.

Grab a blanket, some snacks and your man’s drink of choice and settle down outside for some serious star gazing. It’s the perfect opportunity for you both the relax and enjoy each other company while being treated to a light show. The perfect Valentine’s Day idea for him.

3. Go old school at the local Arcade

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

What man doesn’t love to escape into an old school game of Pac-Man or drop a few balls on the pinball table? Gather together all your pennies and package them up into gift for your man to spend at the local arcade. He’ll love spending time trying to beat the top scores and he’ll love you even more for giving him the opportunity.

4. Cook Dinner Together

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Have you heard the proverb, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?’ Cooking is not only the way to a man’s heart but the perfect opportunity to spend quality one on one time together. A Valentine’s Day idea for him that will be sure to hit the spot.

Pick a dish that you both love and prepare the ingredients ahead of time to make your dinner making date smooth and stress free.

Not sure what to cook? Check these Valentine’s Day Recipes!

5. Sock it to him

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Socks is a common gift for men. Usually if you don’t know what to buy the man in your life, then it’s safe to say socks and jocks is a safe choice. How about put a spin on this common gift and buy him a quirky and unique pair of socks that will have him thinking of you every time he puts them on.

6. Breakfast in bed

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Who doesn’t love waking to the smell of pancakes or bacon cooked just for you? Surprise your man early on Valentine’s Day with breakfast in bed. Cook him his favorite breakfast… whether it’s pancakes, or bacon and eggs, and arrange it all on a tray with the morning paper so he can enjoy a feast in bed.

With a full stomach and a cosy bed, who knows where your day may lead.

7. Enjoy a Digital Vacation Together

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

When was the last time you were totally focused on nothing but your man? Gift your guy this Valentine’s Day you’re complete love, care and attention. Take a digital vacation by switching off your smartphone, tablet and computer, and devote time to having real conversations with the love of your life.

A digital vacation is good not only for the heart, but also the soul. Both you and your man will feel rested and rejuvenated, allowing your love to grow deeper and stronger. This is one Valentine’s Day idea for him, that will also benefit you.

8. Engrave some bling for him

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Men love some bling too and what better way to show your love to your leading man by gifting him some stylish bling. We’re not talking diamond rings or glittery bracelets, no, we’re talking man bling… A stylish key chain or bag tag.

Mementos that don’t cost the earth, are handy enough for your man to use every day. Momentos that come from the heart and will have the love of your life thinking of you every time he looks at it.

You could even kick it up a notch and have the key chain or bag tag engraved with a love message or words that have meaning to both of you.

9. Hide Love Notes just for your man to see

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

If you’re stuck for the perfect Valentine’s Day idea for him, then this may just be the idea you’re looking for. Create some love notes written just for your man and hide them where only he will find them. These love notes can be in the form of a letter or some short and sweet messages written out on a post-it.

Even the manliest of men love to know they are loved and what better way to show it than through a heart-felt love note. Here are 25 ways to hide love notes in the house!

10. Get back to nature together

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Nature is full of surprises and nothing can surpass the fun you can find on a new hiking trail with your guy. Taking a day together to hike and/or explore new places in nature will give you both unique one-on-one time together helping you to recharge your personal energy as well as your energy as a couple.

Nothing recharges the love batteries like a day getting back to nature.

11. Grow a Plant Together

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Here’s another spin on the nature idea… which will be much more suitable to those who are not big hikers (or nature fans for that matter). Instead of going out to find nature, bring nature to you. Take your man to your nearest plan shop and take the time to select a plant together and commit to taking care of the plant together as a couple.

Watch your plant grow together as you experience your love growing. You could even go the extra mile and get a plant that shows your love as it grows.

12. Go Dancing Together

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Do you love the same music that your man loves too? Perfect! Book a night out to dance together to your favorite tunes on Valentine’s Day. Dancing is therapy and the best idea for romantic fun. It will make you happy and give you timeless memories.

Don’t forget to keep this cost-effective Valentine’s Day idea for him a secret until you reach the dance club… you know, to keep him in suspense!

13. Give him a jar of kisses

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

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Chocolates is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, along with flowers. So why not surprise your man with some chocolates just for him. Better yet, stock up on some Hershey’s Kisses, fill a jar and surprise him with a jar full of kisses! What’s not to love about a jar full of kisses.

14. Chillax with some couch time

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

If your man is overworked and in need of some much-needed R & R, why not let him take a load off and simply chillax this Valentine’s day. Everyone needs some couch time to just chill out and recharge batteries, So why not make the experience extra special for your man… in a super relaxed way.

It’s very simple….

  • Pick his list of favorite movies.
  • Get a bowl of his favorite snack.
  • Make his favorite drink.
  • Blindfold him and tell him he’s in for a treat.
  • Now, walk him to the couch and settle him down in front of the TV.
  • Spend the day doing nothing but cuddling on the couch and binge-watching his favorite show on NETFLIX.

It will be fun and memorable like no party you’ve ever had!

15. Go Rummaging at the Flea Market

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Another old school Valentine’s Day idea for him is to take him to a flea market and spend the day together rummaging through the knick knacks. Who knows what weird and wonderful things you may find… A vintage kettle, a game console from the 80’s, a matching pair of his and her trinkets. Whatever you find, there is no doubt about it, you’ll both enjoy hunting through the treasures together.

16. Make a Self-Designed Valentine’s Card

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

With over 1 Billion gift cards expected to be exchanged this Valentine’s Day, why not ramp up your card giving and give the man of your life a Valentine’s Day card to remember. Think outside the box and come up with a card that is fun and unique to your man. His card could be oversized, or have is favorite treats attached. It could even be int he form of a flip book that shows your love journey so far.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day cards, you are only limited by your imagination. Check out these DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for some inspiration.

17. Take him back to his childhood

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

What did your man love to do when he was growing up? Was he a huge skateboard fan? Or was he more of a push bike fella? Find out what his favorite childhood pastime was and arrange a day doing that activity. Rent some old school bikes for the day, take him rollerskating or make a day at the beach to build sand-castles together. Reliving his favorite childhood memory will make his day and have him loving you all the more for making it happen.


Valentine’s Day ideas for him do not have to cost the earth. Nor do they need to be overly detailed. Your man, just like the rest of us, just wants to be loved and to have you show him that you love him. He’s bound to love any or all of these ideas and doing them together will make this Valentine’s Day enjoyable for both of you.

Still looking for more Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him?

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