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17 Cost Effective Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s day ideas for her…  you’re leading lady? You’ll want to make her feel special while not spending a fortune I’m sure. Especially if your wallet is thin already!  Rest easy, we’ve got your back and compiled 17 Valentine’s Day ideas for her that will win the love of your life over and show her that you care, while at the same time they won’t break the bank and leave your wallet feeling lost and abandoned.

17 Cost Effective Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

1. Appeal to Her Sense of Smell

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day idea for her? You definitely should consider Candles. Candles don’t cost the earth and are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and scents.

Gift your love a dozen candles in her favorite scent on Valentine’s Day. Let the aroma and ambiance that only a candle can give lead the way to a sensual experience for both of you. Get to know what her favorite candle scent is ahead of time and surprise her with a carton of candles on February 14th.

You can purchase some scented candles on!

2. Handmade Body Scrub will Remind Her of You

Your leading lady is sure to love a good homemade beauty product, and she’ll love you even more for going to the effort to make it. Handmade body scrubs, for example, are very simple to make.

You can make a Valentine’s Day special Body Scrub in as little as ten minutes. All you need is sugar or salt, favorite essential oil and almond oil. Mix it all and garnish with an organic coloring of your choice to make your handmade body scrub for her on the Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a YouTube video on how to make chocolate Body scrub for her!

3. Keep her Warm with a Scarf and Gloves

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

What woman doesn’t love a good accessory? Knitted gloves and scarf, in particular, are not just good for winter, but can make the ideal gift between lovers as well. Get her a matching set in her favorite color and wrap them up in a cute box for a cost-effective valentine’s gift idea.

4. Book of Love Made by You

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Heartfelt messages from the heart are one of the best gifts that you can give to your love. They are worth their weight in gold while not costing a cent. But to make a true gift and show you’ve gone the extra mile, buy a beautifully bound notebook, name it ‘Book of Love’. and fill the book with words of love you want the love of your life to read, know and cherish.

Change the color of your pens, add special mementos or include some love doodles to give your ‘Book of Love’ an extra love boost! A Valentine’s Day idea for her… That will absolutely melt her heart!

5. Handmade Bouquet in DIY Design

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Is your leading lady a flowers kinda gal? Why not go to the flower mart and put together your own special bunch of flowers just for her? Or better yet, go on the hunt for some wildflowers to create a special and unique posy that is as special and unique as she is.

You can make an extravagant bouquet with a selection of flowers on your own! It will be cheaper and fresher than the embellished bouquet at the store too. Check out LOVELY DIY Bouquet designs here. And don’t forget to ask about her favorite flower before you make your Valentine’s Day Bouquet!

6. Engraved Bracelet with a Lovely Message

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Short on time to search for a fancy Valentine ’s Day gift for the special woman in your life? A quick by highly effective gift could consist of picking out a bracelet in the color your girl loves. Then, get it engraved with a sweet message or special words and your personalized affordable Valentine’s Day gift for her is ready to go! The perfect Valentine’s day idea for her!

Get it now from Eve’s Addiction!

7. Give her Some Bling with Gemstone Jewelry

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Want to give your girlfriend celebrity-level bling for Valentine’s Day gift but without the price tag to match? Buy her a lovely set of earrings, a ring or pendant via an online crystal shop. Gemstones, rather than diamonds, are rich in color and meaning while still being cost-effective. You can easily find emeralds for $20 just like the one Angelina Jolie or Debra Messing!

Try Atperrys Healing Crystal jewelry for Worldwide shipping!

8. Picnic by the Lake

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Women love romantic gifts with love on Valentine’s Day. And an intimate picnic just for two ticks all the boxes when it comes to romance. The best thing about picnics is you can make them as simple or as extravagant as your heart (and your wallet) desires.

You can plan a casual picnic with strawberries and champaign or a feast for two with all the trimmings. Picnics are the all time classic Valentine’s Day idea for her.

Look for Valentine’s Day ideas for her on Picnic Basket!

9. Scrapbook of Your Memories Since Falling in Love with her

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

If you really want to know what women love… It’s a gift that shows a lot of thought and effort. One such gift to surprise her on Valentine’s Day is a scrapbook of memories. Depending how long you’ve been in love, this gift could be quick and easy or quite detailed… But the extra bonus is you could leave some space in your scrapbook for future memories.

Making the scrapbook is relatively easy. Simply gather all the snapshots, mementos and other special elements that mark unique milestones in your relationship and add them to your scrapbook. Along with images, you can add stories, quotes and poems that signify how much your partner means to you. She’ll, without a doubt, love how much time and effort you’ve gone two while your money stays safely in your wallet.

10. Treat her to a Valentine’s Day Massage

There is no better gift for a woman on Valentine’s Day than a good body massage. You don’t need to go to Masseuse School to learn how to massage your girl. All you need is an Amazon gift card and this YouTube Video.

After practicing your massage moves, find a good quality massage oil, towel and scented candles to setup your massage parlor. Blindfold her and surprise with a cool massage on Valentine’s Day!

11. Bake a Heart with Love

Baked goods are sure to go down a treat on Valentine’s Day. Why don’t you wake up the confectioner in you and start baking. Get a heart shaped baking mold or pan to make your Valentine’s gift for her romantic! You could bake cookies, a cake, cupcakes or other delectable sweet treats. Whatever you bake, she’ll sure to love it.

Want a quick recipe? Try here!

12. Make a Healthy Perfume in her Favorite Scents

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Although this requires time to sit and brew, the steps to making DIY perfume are quite simple do. Learn how to make perfume for her on Valentine’s Day with Wellness Mama. It takes just a few minutes to create your unique, and healthy perfume. And the best part is, the scent will only intensify over time.

13. Treat her to a Chick Flick

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

If your leading lady loves a good chick flick then why not treat her to a night out at the movies. Check what movies are playing on February 14th and buy her tickets ahead of time. You could also package up the tickets with a parcel of her favorite treats so she has something to snack on during the movie.

Alternatively, seek out her favorite Chick Flicks on DVD and treat her to a night at home on the couch with the best movies, her favorite snacks and you.

14. Fill her Heart, and her House, with Balloons

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Balloons are relatively inexpensive yet can create a big impact. Balloons have a way of making someone feel special like only balloons can. Stock up on balloons in her favorite color or keep it simple with tones of red and pink and get blowing.

Just like picnics, balloons can be as simple or extravagant as you want. You could create a simple balloon ball pit or take it up a notch and fill her house with helium balloons that cover her ceiling. Either way, she’s going to feel very special and loved.

15. Message from your Heart in a Bottle

Still not sure about these Valentine’s Day ideas for her? Well, your sure to love this idea… Write a long heartfelt love letter. One that includes all the sentiment from your heart that is bound to melt her heart. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be real.

When you are done, tie it up with some string and seal into a beautiful bottle. This gift is guaranteed to impress. Want more help? Click HERE!

16. Spare Key to your Home is the Key to your Heart

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

The best way to give a gift that really means something is by giving the spare key to your house. Best for couples who are just dating, sharing the key establishes a deep bond you can’t level with another gift. Try it and you will see her beaming with pride throughout the day. Don’t forget to wrap it up in a cute little box with a love note!

17. Say it with a Coupon

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Image Source: CrossbowPrintables

Give your love a gift that she can use throughout the year. Give her some love coupons! This highly adaptable gift allows you to create coupons especially designed for her. The coupons could include breakfast in bed, do the laundry for a week, take her dancing or going out at any time of the day or night to buy her ice-cream. Diamonds are a girls best friend, but coupons are the way to her heart.

Here are some coupon templates to get you started.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her In a Nutshell

At the end of the day, when it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas for her, remember… She doesn’t care about money. She cares about love. Your love in particular. So if you can find a heartfelt way to show her your love, she’ll be yours forever.

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