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Valentine’s Day – Top 10 cool last minute gift ideas

Valentine's day gifts

It’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day!

I actually have a confession to make….I hate Valentines Day. Well actually, I don’t really hate it, {hate is such a harsh word!} I just don’t see the need for it. It’s a made up day that’s only designed to make you spend money on superficial stuff to show your loved one how much you ‘commercially’ love them…or… to make you feel like crap because you are single. It’s never gonna end well for a lot of people.

Okay, okay, I know that’s a very cynical way of looking at things, and the rest of the population MAY not feel entirely the same way I do. I know some people may actually really like Valentine’s Day.

So in the spirit of love (and I love love), and for those who want to cut the commercial crap and show your loved one how much you love them in an unique way, I’ve done a bit of research with the help of Pinterest and Google and compiled a list of  last minute cool ways to show your loved one you care.

Top 10 cool ways to show some love this Valentine’s Day.

1. Heart shaped nature

My husband surprised me one year with this heart shaped stone he found from the garden. It’s one of my favourite things and it sits nicely on my desk as a paperweight. Such a cool (and cheap) gift. If you can’t find a heart shaped stone, you could always try looking for heart shaped leaves or clover.

Heart Rock

2. Heart shaped pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes. Why not make your loved one breakfast in bed and add a romantic twist by cutting the pancakes into a heart shape (or cutting any food into heart shapes).

3. Lollypop love

These are pretty cool for the young at heart. All it takes is card cut into lips and moustache shapes.

4. Heart shaped egg

Another heart shaped foodie idea. Simple yet effective.

5. Fruit with a message

If you have some edible markers laying around then this would make a great super last minute idea for your loved one. How could you not love this idea!

6. A pack of love

This idea involves a little work and a few tools – A deck of card and some ring binders, but you have to admit it’s pretty cool. I would carry it around in my handbag and look at it every day!

{Image found on}

{Image found on}

7. Flip book

This also requires some extra work and forward planning to really do it great like this example. But for last minute, ‘flippin’ love, you could easily compile one of these using stick figure drawings.

(as seen on}

(as seen on}

8. Peg Message

So so so cute. I want to make these for everyone!


{seen on}


9. Jar of love

Jar of love is a spin off on the idea of the cards and the post its on the mirror {below}. A lovely, inexpensive but effective way to show how much you love someone.

{seen on}

{seen on}

10. Post it note mirror

How could you not absolutely fall in love with this idea? Hands down the best romantic idea I have seen yet!

{Image found on}

{Image found on}


Looking at all these super cool ideas, I’m actually beginning to warm to Valentine’s Day. These ideas are not only cool, but also heart felt, inexpensive and easy.

What have you done on Valentine’s Day for your loved one that was cool, inexpensive and easy to do? Share in the comments below.

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