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It’s been a while

Hello from Ideas to live by

When I first started this blog I made a resolve to write every day…ok well at least once a week. Unfortunately life got busy and the blog got shelved. It’s been a while I know, but now I have dusted it off and re-commit to writing regularly again.

So I want to take some time now and recap on why I set up this blog and what I want to achieve from it.

Recently I completed a business course which had a large component about working out your why and your intersection. Why you do what you do as well finding out what your two main passions are in life.

Everyone has at least two main passions in life, the two main things that make you happy and you would do without hesitation if you could choose to do anything.  When your business or work is operating at the intersection of these two main passions, then you are doing our ultimate work. If your work involves your two main passions then you will be putting all your energies into it.

your two main passions in lifeFor example. Steve Jobs’ intersection was technology and art. His company Apple was positioned directly at the intersection of those two things, and even when he was fired from Apple he went on to work with Pixar which was also directly at his intersection.


Richard Branson’s intersection is business and fun, and when you think about it all that he does can be described as business and fun.

My intersection is knowledge and creativity. I love to learn and share what I know as well as being creative. Since I was a little kid I have read as much as I could and have been involved in art and craft. I was making ceramic items when I was 10 and even now being a designer satisfies my creative flair.

Through this blog I hope to share useful, creative and thoughtful ideas that will help you live an inspired life.

I’ve created a shiny new about me page which you can check out here and learn more about me, but before you head over there, I’d love for you to share below what you think your intersection is and if you are doing your best work directly from that intersection.

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