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Top 10 Quick And Easy Last Minute Halloween Decorating Ideas That You Can Do With Your Kids

halloween decorating ideas

Halloween has snuck up on me this year and for once I stuck for decorating ideas. Lucky for me though, there are plenty of quick and easy last minute decorating ideas that anyone can do, and best of all the kids can also be involved.

Here are the top 10 quick and easy halloween decorating ideas I have found:

1. Make Spiderwebs from Trash Bags – Turn ordinary garbage bags into simple and effective spiderwebs. Quick cheap and super, super easy. Check out all the details at
Trashbag web

2. Turn empty drink cartons into sitting ghosts – Collect and clean used drink containers and decorate one side with ghoulish faces. Place small fairy lights or a glow stick inside and you have a sitting ghost. Don’t have any drink containers? Try using paper bags instead. Image courtesy of
Sitting Ghosts
3. Wall Bats – Take some black felt (or even cardboard) and cut out bats in various sizes and stick to your wall using blue tac or double sided removable tape. Quick easy and effective. Image courtesy of .
wall bats
4. Black felt pen on windows – Create your own spiderwebs or silhouette images on windows using black removable felt pens.
Texta Spider webs
5. Fancy Front Doors – Use toilet paper, paper plates, black felt pen,  black paper and a bit of imagination to create a quick and easy ghostly front door. An alternative is to wrap the door in orange and black crepe paper. Image spotted at: Bayer Built Woodworks
Ghost front door
6.  Spooky fabric ghosts – Use a ball or balloon for the head and wire or branches for the arms and then drape lightweight white fabric over the top and you have an instant ghost. Using twine or wire you can hang these in a dark corner either inside or outside and watch them sway in the breeze to scare the pants off anyone who comes near. More details at
Floating Ghosts
7. Jack-o-lantern garland – Orange balloons, black felt pen, green crepe paper or ribbon and you have yourself a cheap and snazzy jack-o-lantern garland. Perfect for the kids to help with. Image courtesy of .
jack-o-lantern garland
8. Monster window silhouettes – Turn an ordinary window into a creepy silhouette by taking black paper or cardboard and cutting out witches, bats or monsters. Stick them to your window and turn on the lights to reveal your creepy window monsters . More how to at
DIY window monsters
9. Toilet roll eyes – This would have to be the easiest and cheapest way to get a scary effect. Cut eye shapes out of toilet or kitchen rolls and place a glow stick inside. Place randomly around the bushes outside and when night time comes you will have glowing eyes peering out at you. More details at
toilet roll eyes 3
10. Alien Balloons – Very simple yet very effective. Take a white balloon, draw a face on it using a black felt pen. Place a glow stick inside, blow up the balloon and you have yourself an instant balloon alien. Image courtesy of
glow in the dark balloons
So there you have 10 top quick and easy Halloween decorating ideas that your kids can help you with.
Happy Halloween!!!

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