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10 of the Best Planners for 2018

best planners

Some of the links included in this article are affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase via these links, I may receive a small commission.

Still on the hunt for one of the best planners for 2018?

While there is only a few days left of 2017, there is still time to grab a great planner to keep you on track throughout the new year.

In fact, we’ve taken the hard work out of finding the right planner for you and have researched and reviewed some of the best planners for 2018 so you can find the perfect one and have a kick-ass, time tracking, project planning, goal reaching year!

10 of the best planners for 2018

(In no particular order.)

Passion Planner

best planner for 2018

Image Source: passionplanner.com

Key Features – The Passion Planner can be best described as a planner that helps you break down your dreams and goals into actionable steps that you can incorporate into your daily life. The planner effectively converts your goals in action.

The Passion Planner encourages you on a daily basis to ask yourself ‘what am I going to do today that will get me closer to my goals?”

The people behind the passion planner have thought of everything. From the page layouts, right through the highly adaptable format and the option to purchase both hard cover planners and downloadable PDF’s

What is good about the Passion Planner? This is the perfect planner for long term thinking and getting all your thoughts out of your head and down on paper. The Passion Planner makes it easier to put your goals into action.

The makers of the Passion Planner are extremely generous with their content and allow you to try before buying a hard copy and encourage you to give planners as well.

This planner is perfect for… Dreamers and people who see the big picture and want to create a plan around their goals.

See more HERE:



The Bullet Journal

Image Source: bulletjournal.com

Key Features – A list of the best planners for 2018 is not complete without The Bullet Journal. This worldwide phenomenon gained traction over the last few years, with more and more people getting on-board the Bullet Journal train.

The Bullet Journal is the ultimate customizable organization system and all it takes for you to get started is a simple notebook, a pen and the knowledge that once you embark on the bullet journal process, your life is going to change. They have even made it easy for you and created the perfect notebook to start off your bullet journalling.

So, grab a bullet journal (or your own notebook), your favourite pen and head HERE to learn how you can get started on your own Bullet Journal in a matter of hours.

What is good about the Bullet Journal? The Bullet Journal is the most adaptable planner out of all of them. There is no set page layout, you can create your planner in a matter of hours and you create the sections that suit you the most.

And the Bullet Journal just keeps getting better and better with a Companion App now available.

This planner is perfect for… The Bullet Journal is perfect for people who want to have a highly customizable planner and want to start at any time of the year.

Want to see more? What the video below:



Erin Condren Life Planner

best planners for 2018

Image Source: erincondren.com

Key Features – The Erin Condren Life Planner has always been a firm favorite of ours… Why, well they are just so darn gorgeous! If you’re a visual person, then you are going to love the Erin Condren Life Planner. After all, you’re going to be looking at it for 365 days so it might as well be pretty, right?

The Erin Condren Life Planner does not just come with inter-changeable covers to suit your moods, but the planner overall is made from high quality paper and material and can be expanded with a whole host of accessories that will help you personalize your planner even further. These features alone, makes is one of the best planners for 2018.

This planner gives you greater control when purchasing your planner, allowing you to choose the best elements to suit both your style and needs.

What is good about the Erin Condren Life Planner? Highly adaptable to suit your personal tastes. Interchangeable covers to suit any situation. A vast array of add-ons to ensure you are getting the most out of your planner.

This planner is perfect for… Visual people who love to stylize their planners and adapt it to suit their personalities.

See more HERE:



Dailygreatness Journal

best planners for 2018

Image Source: dailygreatness.co

Key Features – The Dailygreatness Journal is another beautiful, well made and highly adaptable planner that has a well-earned spot on the best planners for 2018 list.

The Dailygreatness journal is available in several options to suit your unique lifestyle. The choices include:

  • Dailygreatness journal
  • Dailygreatness Parents journal
  • Dailygreatness Wellness Journal
  • Dailygreatness Yoga Journal
  • Dailygreatness Business Planner
  • Dailygreatness Training Journal

The Dailygreatness Journal is for people who want to be more conscious about their days and set clearer intentions every day with a positive mind-set.

Who doesn’t want to be more mindful with how we spend our days. After all, how we start our day determines how we spend our day.

Get $5 OFF your own Dailygreatness Journal. Simply click HERE

What is good about the Dailygreatness Journal? The dailygreatness Journal helps you stay focused and motivated with your goals. The journals are sturdy and durable with all the room you need to plan out your daily inspiration and motivation

This planner is perfect for… People who need a hand to stay focused, organised and positive as they work towards their goals and go about their day.

Find out more about the Dailygreatness journals via the video below:



Kikki-K Personal Planner

best planners for 2018

Image Source: Kikki-K.com

Key Features – Kikk-K planners can be summed up in just two word… Simply Gorgeous. Timeless, elegant, classy can also be words to describe these beautiful planners. These leather bound planners are a firm favorite among moms, entrepreneurs and busy people. The Kikki-K planners are both highly practical and beautiful to look at.

Kikk-K are known for changing their cover colors and styles frequently, so you’d be wise to snap up your favorite before it is discontinued. But don’t worry about it becoming dated, the fully customizable ring binder inside means you can update and change of planner as much as your heart desires.

Along with beautiful covers, Kikki-K do not disappoint with a huge range of inserts and accessories to jazz up and stylize your planner.

Personalised luxe, what more could one ask for in a planner! Listing out the best planners for 2018 would not be complete without including these beautiful planners.

What is good about the Kikki-K personal planner? The Kikki-K persoanl planners are luxurious, well thought out and a pleasure to use. While pimping your planner out to the hilt with all the inserts and accessories available could make it a tad on the heavy side, if you take your time to consider how you will use this planner, then it will suit your needs for many years to come.

This planner is perfect for… Anyone who is looking for a luxurious planner that can be updated and customised with ease.

See the Kikki-K personal planner range HERE.



Pop Planner

best planners for 2018

Image Source: popplanner.com.au

Key Features – The POP Planner (which stands for; Plan. Organize. Prioritize), is a fun planner that originally made its launch on Kickstarter in 2017 and is back again for 2018.

This year, the creators have listened to feedback from fans, have taken heed and made some changes to the POP planner to make it bigger and better than ever.

The 2018 version comes in a slightly smaller size with a new faux leather cover and a stitched hem in lieu of the wire binding. These changes make the planner lighter and much easier to use.

Combined with a new internal design, the POP Planner is definitely a contender for the best planners for 2018 list!

What is good about the POP Planner? A great planner for organizing all elements of your life… family, business, social life.

There is also room for your meal plans, health goals, big yearly goals and future visions.

This planner is perfect for... Doodlers, people who want everything all in one place.

Want to know more? Check out their video below:


Daily action planner

best planners for 2018

Image Source: sovour-the-success.myshopify.com

Key Features – The Daily action planner is another great planner for the best planners for 2018 list.

An all in one planner, the Daily Action planner helps you to prioritize tasks and plan out your week with ease.

The Daily Action planner claims to be a coach in your pocket and a mind-set mentor packed in a small, yet powerful package. Many people claim the system outlined in the Daily Action planner changed their lives and helped them organize their “gorgeous chaos”.

One key difference with the Daily Action Planner is the concept of savoring your success and celebrating your wins on a daily basis.

What is good about the Daily Action Planner? The Daily Action Planner is compact in size, making it easy to take with you. The planner not only focuses on organizing your days but celebrating your successes.

This planner is perfect for… Perfect for creators, makers and other entrepreneurs and professionals who want to get the most out of their day.

Find out more about the Daily Action Planner HERE:



The Get To Work Book

best planners for 2018

Image Source: gettoworkbook.com

Key Features – The Get to Work Book is just that… A book that helps you get to work! It’s a daily planner and goal setting workbook combined in one very beautiful package.

Originally launched in 2015, the Get To Work Book has amassed a large fan base and has now expanded to include planner accessories and extra project planning tools.

The Get To Work Book comes in several options, including a January to December layout and a July to June layout, along with different cover options. The internal layout includes perforated quotes and calendars making them easy to rip out and put up on your wall.

With laminated tab sections and specific pages for project breakdowns, this planner is ideal for the analytical thinkers out there. Definitely worthy to be on the best planners for 2018 list.

What is good about the Get To Work Book? The Get To Work Book comes in a stylish layout with tabbed sections making it easier to access the specific sections you need. This planner has a more serious feel to it, with a focus on project breakdowns and clear action steps.

This planner is perfect for… This planner is perfect for the focused professional who is looking for a stylish monochrome planner.

Check out the Get To Work Book in action HERE.



The List It Planner

best planners for 2018

Image Source: listitplanner.com

Key Features – One should never underestimate the power of simplicity and the List It Planner is a perfect example of this. The List It Planner describes itself as ‘The Ultimate planning tool for all your daily ‘to-dos’’.

This is the perfect planner for those looking to make the most of their to-do list. The List It Planner is simple, yet highly effective in design. The planner comes with monthly tabs inside an A Frame cover (which makes it perfect to prop up on your desk), but the best element of this planner, is that it’s not dated, which means you can start using it at any time of the year and there is no wastage.

What is good about the List It Planner? The List It Planner focuses primarily on your to-do list. So, if you are after a simple list tracking planner to keep you on track on a daily basis without being bogged down in long term planning and goal setting, then this is the ideal planner for you. The layout is simple yet effective and the overall design is gorgeous. What’s good about it?… Everything!

This planner is perfect for… People who want to make the most out of their To-Do list.

Is the List It Planner right for you? See more HERE:

best planners for 2018

Image Source: listitplanner.com



The Shining Year Workbook

best planners for 2018

Image Source: shiningacademy.com

Key Features – The Shining Year Workbook is a self-labelled ‘cult hit’ and we would say that’s not far off the mark. Developed by the highly creative Leonie Dawson, this visually powerful planner will knock your socks off with just the design alone.

The Shining Year workbook just gets bigger and better every year and this year is no different. Used by 350,000 people, the Shining year workbook is available in two options, a personal life option and a business variation, both of which are available as physical books as well as digital versions.

The Shining Year workbooks definitely has a feminine slant and incorporates a spiritual angle. It is designed by a creative for creatives. But that’s not to say it’s all ‘woo-woo’, these workbooks contain highly relevant and actionable content to help you get the most out of your year both in business and your personal life.

What is good about the Shining Year Workbook? The Shining Year Workbook is the perfect combination of art and action. The workbooks are jam packed full of highly visual and very beautiful artwork created by Leonie Dawson, along with relevant information about planning and goal setting.

This planner is perfect for… Women who enjoy highly visual planners.

Find out more about The Shining Year Workbook HERE:

best planners for 2018

Image Source: shiningacademy.com


So there you have it. Some of the best planners for 2018. When it comes to planners, it’s important to work out what your specific needs are and find a planner that best suits those needs in order to get the most out of it.

If you haven’t got your planner sorted for next year, we hope our recommendations help you in find the right choice for you.

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