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Amy Cuddy: Fake It Until You Become It

Your body language shapes who you are

Have you ever been over to I am a HUGE fan of They have some amazing speakers offering up amazing information and insights. One of my favourite talks was about body language by Amy Cuddy. The title actually is ‘Your body language shapes who you are‘ but I refer to it as the ‘Fake it, until you become it’ talk (once you listen, you will know why).

Body language does affect how others see us, all of us can fairly accurately guess how someone is feeling based on their body language. But if we make a conscious effort to change our body language, will this change our own minds and how we see ourselves? Can we really fake it until we make it? Amy Cuddy shows that instead of faking it until you make it, you can fake it until you become it.

Watch the full talk above and then try your own ‘ power posing’ (I have to admit trying this out during a very difficult week at work and it actually worked. I felt a lot better about myself and more in control of the situation).

Add your comment below and let me know if power posing worked for you.

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Tiny Tweaks Big Changes

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