ideas_for_lifeWhat is Ideas to live by?

Ideas to Live By is a collection of all the good ideas, handy gadgets, cool thoughts and inspiring words aimed at improving your life.

Katie Marshall - Ideas to live byWho am I?

I’m Katie, the person behind Ideas to live by. I’m also a mum of 3, designer, author and lover of all things quirky. I also love property, stationary, chocolate and being organised. I’m committed to being a life long learner and love nothing better than getting creative.

What Inspires me

I love to be inspired and have often been know to run off on a bright and shiny tangent. Some of the things that inspire me are:

      • stop and smell the flowers - Ideas to live byA well thought out and decorated space
      • Powerful words, quotes and stories
      • My family
      • Beautiful Flowers
      • A new year
      • A clean desk
      • A blank page

Going green

My family and I go green as much as we can. We have solar panels, water tanks, vege gardens and recycle and compost our rubbish and food scraps.

My favourite books

favourite_books_ideas_to_live_byLove, love, love a good book and will often have a few on the go at any one time. I like a mix of self help, business and romance novels. My favourite books include, Life in half a second, Matthew Michalewicz, Who stole my mojo, Gary Bertwistle, The stylist’s guide to NYC, Sibella Court and anything by Louise Bagshawe and Sophie Kinsella.

My favourite foods

Sweet, not spicy for me please. Chocolate is my all time favourite food but will also count, chicken, fish, avocado, eggs, corn, fried rice and my husbands home cooked garlic bread among my favourites also.

My home

I am lucky enough to live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. My home consists of everything I love all thrown together in an eclectic mix of warmth, interest and love.

What warms my heart

Apart from being with my family, nothing warms my heart more than helping others, having a light bulb moment and sharing a connection {and a cuppa} with my friends.

I am glad you have joined me on this journey of Ideas to live by.

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