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20 Simple tips to help lose weight

The battle of the bulge is a struggle that a lot of people struggle with every day. We have so many delicious foods tempting us at every turn and resisting these foods can be hard.

On top of that, our lives are just getting busier and finding the time to exercise is become a near impossible feat. I don’t know about you, but just thinking about finding the time to exercise is simply exhausting and can be an exercise session in itself (exercise session of the mind that is).

Now, I’ve done a bit of research in to weight loss and have concluded that it can be approach in two different ways…Slow and steady or I want to be skinny NOW!!

For those who want to be transformed before their very eyes, you could download the fat loss factor that guarantees rapid and effective weight loss.

TortoiseOr you could make like a tortoise and be slow and steady in your weight loss approach.

If slow and steady is more your style, then below are 20 simple tips that you can make to help fight the battle of the bulge:

1. Visit your doctor – and make sure there is not any underlying issues that need to be addressed before you embark on a weight loss program.

Water Glass2. Drink water before a meal – 30 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of water. This will help to make you feel fuller and you’ll be more likely to eat less.

3. Use a smaller plate to decrease portions – Trick your brain to think your meal is bigger than it is.

4. Measure portions don’t just guess – Most of us have eyes bigger than our stomaches and will more often that not over estimate our portion sizes. Measure all your portions until you are confident that you can guess with 100% accuracy.

5. Try to fit in more incidental exercise – Take the stairs instead of a the lift. Park further away from the entrance of the shop. Get off the stop earlier on the bus. It all adds up and it’s all better than nothing.

6. Mix up exercise routine to stop boredom – Don’t let boredom waylay your motivation. Vary your routine so you keep boredom at bay.

7. Stick it out for at least a month – Theory, it takes 21 to make a habit and 21 days to break a habit, so don’t give up…it will get easier.

healthy_breakfast8. Don’t skip breakfast – Breakfast is absolutely the most important meal of the day. Avoid the mid morning mind fuzziness and eat a good healthy breakfast.

9. Don’t starve yourself – eating nothing will NOT help you lose weight. Your body will stop burning fat and start storing it instead. Starvation also doesn’t work well for the brain. You will find it very hard to function. You not only want to look good but feel good don’t you?

10. Get enough sleep – Studies have found that those who get 8 hours of sleep or more are less likely to over eat.

11. Treat yourself occasionally – Going without all the good thinks you love will make it harder for you to stay motivated. Just don’t over treat yourself.

Running Partner12. Eat more often – 5 or 6 smaller meals is better than 3 larger meals.

13. Find a buddy – Find someone to keep you motivated and accountable. You are less likely to let someone else down than let yourself down.

14. Set your goals – Set small term and long term goals that are realistic and achievable.

15. Reward yourself – Celebrate your achievements. Set yourself a reward for reaching milestones (new dress or mini makeover).

16. Be organised – chop vegetables to snack on and prepare meals in advance so you are less likely to reach for junk food or takeaway when you are time poor and starving.

Toothbrushes17. Eat slowly and chew your food properly before swallowing – Eat slower to aid digestion and help to make yourself feel fuller quicker. Put your fork / spoon down between each mouthful to help slow down your eating.

18. Keep busy – Boredom is one of the main reasons why people over eat. Keep yourself busy to stop you thinking about food.

19. Brush your teeth after every meal – Brushing your teeth is telling your brain that you’re finished.

20. Eat more food out of the ground – Go for the fresh unprocessed food and avoid as much as you can processed white food.

Along with a sensible diet and exercise plan, implementing the tips above will set you on the path to weight loss success. However, if you’re more of the impatient type, then head over to the fat loss factor and download their program.

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